I do not accept booking in any way different from filling this form. You can ask any questions you have about  my sessions by e-mail

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E-mail providers often block messages with BDSM-related terms. If you can provide anything except your e-mail - Telegram (preferable), Whatsapp etc. for me to contact you in case my letter does not reach you, kindly put it here. If you are unable to leave anything except e-mail, note I answer all requests within 24 hours, so if you have not received it, contact me by or via my social networks.
Details on what activities you enjoy and would like to have during our session. Mention your past experience, hard limits, give any other details. Be honest, I am very open-minded, but keep in mind my limits, do not offend me with improper offers.
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Leave possible options for the date. Keep in mind a dinner/lunch is required before a session and minimum 24hours for me to plan the session
2 hours is a standard session length, other options may involve other activities
I will not guarantee any specific plays, but will take your interests into consideration.
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