Mentoring & Consulting

I love to share my experience with others to help everyone achieve their kinky dreams! See all coaching options below and E-mail me to arrange a session >>

‘Become a Domme’ Coaching

Dominatrix Elena Lisbon Portugal

You  have a curiousity about female domination? Want to taste this feeling of power over a man? Become a more confident, strong and powerful woman? I will teach you:

  • What is Female Domination and what pleasure it can give to you?
  • How to find your Dominatrix Persona? How to become more dominant in bed and your life in general?
  • Types of Dommes characters, elements of your Domme Persona to incorporate in your play.
  • How to prepare for a domination session? What gear and clothing you need?
  • How to negotiate with your partner? Get to know his kinks and desires? Understand his type of a submissive?
  • How to structure a BDSM scene? What to do first, second, third, how to finish?
  • Verbal domination: what to say, how to say, why saying this or that?
  • Simple actions: basic techniques to use without extensive training on specific practices.

I recommend minimum 2 hours of theory and 2 hours of practice (a real BDSM play under my guidance) to feel the taste of real female domination. 

My 2 hour theory lesson gives info on the basics of female domination, 4 components of dominatrix persona, and is first of all focused on the psychology and verbals. I also explain a basic structure of the session and possible beginning of sessions. You will get a list of phrases as examples after the training session, and recommended sources of further knowledge online. I’ll also give recommendations on what kind of session can be done right after the training to absorb better the knowledge that I”ll give. I’ve done a lot of similar trainings and have sharpened the system to make women start dominating from zero. The psychology knowledge is based on the system of my mentor, Mistress Damiana Chi Ph.D. (Los Angeles)

Specific Practices

Dominatrix Teaching

As I’ve participated in the enourmous number of workshops and courses, and had a lot of practice in real play, below are practices I can teach you more in-depth. If you have other practices or role plays you want to learn, send me a request, it could be that I know it well and can teach, too.

  • Verbal domination (in English), wordings to say and avoid, what to talk about?
  • Impact play: overview, purpose of each impact play tool (your hand, paddle, cane, flogger), how to use them in the safe and effective way, floggering techniques.
  • Basic bondage: how to use shibari ropes and other bondage tools in BDSM scenes, what are predicaments and how to make them up, what to look at and how to make the play safe.
  • Play around senses: wax play techniques (candles) and other temperature plays, bondassage, feet fetish & trampling, sensual cock&ball torture techniques.
  • Feminization/Sissification play: how to make this action erotic, beautiful and satisfying for both partners.
  • Tease&Denial, chasity: how to play with erotic tease, keep your partner in chastity.
  • Anal play: a special 2 hour training with full information on necessary tools, materials, safety, techniques, approaches & ways to incorporate into a femdom scene.

I recommend minimum 2 hours of theory+practice per practice. 

Ladies’ Parties

Ladies' bachelor parties dominatrix

I am offering fun sessions for groups of ladies (perfect for a bachelorette / hen night!) in a dungeon or at your place. We can arrange a domination play with one of my submissives, get served by my sissy maid, try all the BDSM gear and equipment, try bondage, flogging and do many other fun things! Note these parties are only for ladies. Make your bachelorette party absolutely different from anything else!

Process & Tribute

Dominatrix Coaching

Forms of coaching can differ:

  • Place – we can meet in a cafe or at your place for a theoretical coaching session. Personal coaching can be also done by Skype/Zoom. Practical part (a real play with a submissive) can be done at your place or at my studio in Lisbon area.
  • Time – I recommend minimum 2 hours of theory plus 2 hours of practice for the general domination coaching session. Other types of training may vary in time and should be discussed separately.
  • Tribute: I charge 100EUR per hour of personal training, and 150EUR per hour for any group training.


“Mistress Elena is full of natural intuitive knowledge and also learned knowledge on the art of Domme play. The way she taught me how it all works from a psychological and then practical approach, I could feel myself shifting my persona to a stronger, empowered, confident me within hours. Nothing to fix at all- just aspects of myself that are ready to be revealed. The strong, confident true me”. Mistress A.

“The initial session was an overview of all the different modules of how to deepen into domination energy, and I look forward to practicing and learning more about myself in this process. Learning and listening to her teachings, there is fun, there is excitement and there is passion that comes from her. It’s something we can all access in ourselves, and if you are open to getting started I hope you can join “us” in this pleasuring work, which feels like play.” Mistress Lucy

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