About Me

Mistress Elena Lisbon Dominatrix

My name is Elena, and I am a lifestyle and professional dominatrix based in Lisbon, Portugal.

BDSM for me is a philosophy, an artistic expression, a practice that is empowering for me and healing for my play partners.

I’ve been into a kinky world almost 4 years, actively learning and practicing regularly. I do professional sessions because I love what I am doing. Being rewarded for my skills allows me to invest more into my education, toys, fetish wear.

This also means I am very selective in who I am playing with.

Personal statistics:

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 169cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 59kg (130 lbs)
  • Clothing size: S (EU36 / UK8 / US4)
  • Lingerie: 75C (34C)
  • Shoe size: 39 (8)
  • Language: Sessions are only performed in English.

My Interests

My main focus during sessions is psychological domination, I know what to say, how to say, and when to say it the way that will blow your mind and quickly bring you into a submissive space.

I am interested in a wide range of activities, and with constant training my repertoire is increasing! Below are practices that I love most. You can read more about my sessions here >>

Dominatrix Mistress Portugal

❤️ Bondage – shibari/kinbaku, cuffs, chains, plastic wrap mummification, partial suspension (with ropes), cuffs, spreader bar, CBT bondage, imprisonment in my cage.
I’m in love with creative predicaments and torture ropes! 

❤️ Tease&Denial – chastity, edging, orgasm control, tie & tease, CFNM
There is nothing more powerful than teasing you and never giving what you want. 

❤️ Impact Play – flogging (single handed and double-handed Florentine style), slapping, spanking, caning, paddling, whipping  (single tail, cat o’ nine tail), bastinado
I love to see you suffering for me, and my floggers will bring you into a meditative state of mind.

❤️ Sensations  – temperature/wax play, pinwheels, CBT (cock & balls torture), nipples torture, electroplay (violet wand, tens unit), sensory play, sensory deprivation, mummification, light breath play (smothering, clothed facesitting, light suffocation, gas mask)
Each session should bring you emotions unreachable in your daily life. This is a sweet and sensual surrender, combining pain and pleasure.

❤️ Fetish & Worship – feet worship, stockings/nylon/boots/shoes fetish, teasing with my feet, trampling, footing; leather/latex/PVC fetish
Kneel to my feet and worship your Goddess, this is all you deserve.

❤️ Feminisation – cross-dressing, forced feminization, sissification & sissy training, forced-bi fantasy
Feminization can be done in different ways: to transform, to reveal your beautiful feminine side – or to humiliate, to emphasize my conrol over you.

❤️ Role Play – pet play, teacher/student, boss/employee, interrogation/prisoner, age play etc.
We all are playing roles in our life, and I will give you the opportunity to be whoever you want 

❤️ Medical play – medical fetish, sounding, needles, electricity, breath play with a gas mask, examinations, all kind of medical role plays
I have a well equipped medical room with all the necessary desinfection & sterilization equipment, materials, high quality sounds, metal toys. A male (M size) rubber catsuit is available for latex fetishists.

Anal play – strapon/pegging, anal plugs, anal bondage hooks, anal training, fisting, footing
This is not my favourite activity but I am absolutely skilled and knowledgable to make your anal play experience pleasant & healthy.

Urine play – urinotherapy, urine inhalations via a gas mask
That’s the only type of a toilet play that I offer – consume or inhale my divine DNA

Ethical Findom / Money Kink – gifts, shopping encounters, debt contracts, cash meets, consensual blackmailing, paying bills, card/bank account control, financial planning
Doing it ethically means consensually, within your financial limits, & far not always based on humiliation. The real domme will not milk you until you are broke, she will give you emotions you need wthin your budget and will not force you into an addiction. 

My Limits

Professional Mistress Lisbon

❌ Heavy Humiliation – extreme degradation, insults, play harassment, spitting, toilet/dirt, farting, race play

❌ Heavy Medical Play – blood play, piercing, scarification, suturing, saline injections, heavy breath play

❌ Full Rope Suspensions – I only offer half-suspensions at my pro sessions

❌ Showers – golden, brown, Roman, ruby etc.

❌ Switching – I am not submissive and will never be.

❌ Sex – any type of sexual activities, including handjobs!

I am not a fetish escort, I am a real dominatrix! I do not make sessions nude or in lingerie, and I do not allow subs to touch any parts of my body except my feet or hands (I may allow ass worship/facesitting in clothes). I can touch you wherever I want and do whatever I want within your limits, but I am not doing any type of sensual massage, ‘happy end’ etc. I can incorporate your own self-satisfaction in the play or use vibrators, but my involvement in it will be psychological rather than physical.

❌ Intoxication, drugs, smoking – I do not allow nor give any drugs & substances (including poppers). I do not smoke and do not offer smoking fetish sessions.

Do not insult me by asking for intimate worship, blowjobs or sex. The answer will ALWAYS be NO

My Education

Certified Dominatrix Portugal

I am convinced that a good Domme should keep studying all the time! A Domme can’t offer pro services without education, ‘natural dominance’ is not enough!

Good femdom training means safety for a submissive (both physical and mental) & his best possible emotions received during the session. Alongside with endless workshops and courses (offline and online) I took and books I read, I have a mentor that helps me on a regular basis to become a better Domme, and I am an officially certified Dominatrix!

Mistress Damiana Chi

My Mentor

Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, USA) is a well known Professional Dominatrix, BDSM Sexologist and  FemDom Educator. She has been a full-time pro for over 20 years.  She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a M.A. in counseling psychology, B.A. in behavioral sciences, and is a certified sexologist, specializing in kink-knowledgeable life coaching.

In September 2021 I graduated from her 6-month Ultimate Dominatrix Course, a psychologically-based, comprehensive training and certification program in the art of Female Domination. I got a diploma of a Certified Dominatrix, the only one in Portugal.

With regular online lectures, consultations, personal training by Damiana and her team, online live domination excersises I gott a valuable experience unreachable for any other domme in Europe. All the new knowledge I am getting are fully used in my sessions.

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