Face to Face Interaction with Mistress Elena

We lock the door, I put on my shiny leather boots, make you undress and kneel… Now the magic begins…

Session with Mistress Elena

Session with Lisbon Dominatrix

My session is not about WHAT I’m going to do, it is about WHY and WHAT emotions I want to evoke in my submissive.

  • Are you a classic submissive searching to release your daily stress by passing power over you to a strong dominating woman in a safe and descrete manner?
  • Are you a masochist knowing all shades of pain and enjoing it’s beautiful after-taste?
  • Are you a fetishist who is in love with women’s feet or has a strong desire to be brought down by a high-healed leather boot?
  • Or maybe you are a sissy that wants to be transformed into a woman, just for a couple of hours, to feel all the beauty and elegance of femininity, explore your natural feminine side and be trained in a proper way?

For each submissive the session will be different. I want to know your fantasies, your past experiences, your goal emotions. And all the tools I will use – my outfit, my toys and gear, my verbals and practices – will be chosen to achieve these goals. In the end, my reward is strong emotional energy exchange that is happening during our encounter.

I am not providing escort services, I do not make sessions nude or in lingerie, and I do not allow subs to touch any parts of my body except my feet or hands. More info on my interests here >>

My Creative Expression

Dominatrix Mistress Elena Lisbon Portugal

I NEVER repeat myself! All my sessions are unique. I see my domination experience as my personal creative expression, when I develop each session on the intersection of:

  • my interests;
  • submissive’s interests;
  • my current development goals (apply new techniques or try a new toy);
  • a magic of the moment and my creativitiy at this very moment.

Usually my session lasts about 2-3 hours, it is quite dynamic, with a combination of calm and intense moments, with some kind of culmination and relaxing aftercare.

I don’t like to keep a submissive bored, aiming at creating an altered space for us both. The time stops, you become an extension of my will, and your only goal for now is to make me pleased.

Some special forms of interaction I offer (discussed by request):

  • extended sessions (3+ hours, including overnight);
  • double & triple domme sessions (with dommes trained by me);
  • dining out & companionship (including to BDSM parties & clubs);
  • imprisonment in the cage at my dungeon;
  • long-term chastity interaction;
  • FMTY (“Fly Me To You”) & touring sessions;
  • online sessions (text, voice, video).

Safety First

Femdom Session Lisbon, Portugal

Whatever I do, my main focus is SAFETY:

  • Knowledge – I got proper training on all the activities I do. If I am only in the process of studing some specific practice, I do not offer it for pro sessions (see My Interests list).
  • SSC & RACK – all my activities are based on SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) principles. It means I never do anything we did not negotiate before, I do everything in the safest way possible, and we both are aware of potential risks.
  • Hygiene – I follow strict hygienic procedures: all tools are cleaned and (if necessary) washed/steralized after each session if being in use. I do not work with blood and other human fluids, and all materials contacting human body are properly cleaned.
  • Avoid Extreme – I do not perform any edge, high-risky activities. My impact play toys are not generating extreme pain nor cause blood.
  • Safe Words – at any moment of the session it can be slowed-down or completely stopped by a submissive.
  • Health Check – before our first session I collect all necessary health information to avoid practices that can turn out to be dangerous for specific health states.

Confidentiality notes: I never do unauthorized photo/video shootings during my sessions. All photos/videos published on my site and social pages are done with the permission from my clients, and published with a separate permission from them.

The Process

Dungeon in Lisbon

I am very selective in who I am playing with. My process is the following:

  1. Online Application – leave your contacts and answer my questions here >>. Be honest, detailed and precise. I do not accept applications through e-mail, phone, telegram, Fetlife or in any other way different from this contact form.
  2. Pre-Session Interview – once I am happy with information you provided, we schedule a conversation (it can be personal, at a dinner/ lunch at a restaurant, or a video/voice interview). For me it is extremely important to talk before the session, it is crucial for both: I will see if we have anything in common, you will see if we have a personal connection. We will also discuss your interests, past experiences and health limitations. Usually it takes about 40-60min., I really take my time to discuss everything, that’s why if you choose a video pre-session interview (not a personal meet-up), I request a symbolic 10Euro tribute, as a guarantee of your firm initentions to have a session afterwards.
  3. Schedule a Session – I need at least one day to plan our session. All my activities are unique and tailored for each submissive. Before the planning starts, I will require half of the tribute. The second half should be paid at the beginning of the session.
  4. Place – I offer sessions at the best equipped BDSM dungeon in the Lisbon area (no extra charge, photos here >>). If you want a session at your private residence/airbnb, I will need a copy of your ID and all personal information to ensure my personal safety (not needed in case of a hotel), & I ask extra 50Euro tribute for outcall. But I strongly prefer to play in my studio as it is fully equipped with everything needed for the session.
  5. Session – We should start in time, if you are late, the play length will be reduced by the time you lost. I do not tolerate any alcohol or drugs intoxication, if I see any signs of it in the beginning of the session, I will cancel it without any refund. I do not tolerate any ‘topping from the bottom’ (when you try giving me directions on my performance during the scene), as we should discuss everything before the session!. If this happens, I may decide to finish the session right away without any refund.
  6. Post-Session – I will ask for a detailed feedback and impressions, which is important for my further growth as a Domme.

The Gear

Floggers Lisbon

I have a lot of toys, gear and fetish wear to play with. All the equipment is high quality and made of safe and natural materials, and the list is constantly growing:

  • bondage: special shibari jute ropes, cuffs, spreader, collars, gags, leather bondage bag, leather belts; there is a big versatile metal cage in the dungeon for emprisonment games;
  • impact play toys: genuine leather highest quality floggers, one-tail whips, cat o’ nine flogger, silicone (genitals) flogger, crops, paddles, canes, daddy’s belt;
  • metal toys: handcuffs, wartenberg pinwheels, nipple clamps, cat claw scratcher, chastity cages, sounds etc.;
  • sensations: pro-quality wax play candles of different temperatures, hoods, blindfolds, vibrators, electroplay gear – tens unit with different electrodes, violet wand;
  • fetish wear: leather and PVC high-heeled boots, expensive designer shoes, different types of gloves and a lot of genuine leather & genuine latex clothing;
  • feminine wardrobe (clothing, footwear, wigs, lingerie, accessories, make up) for feminization and sissification plays;
  • anal play toys: plugs, dildos, strapon, F-machine.

I should also mention that my studio is equipped with air conditioners in each room to make the plays comfortable even if it’s hot or cold outside.

Don’t see your favorite fetish wear or toy in the above list? Make your gift to your Goddess here >>!  

The Tribute

Mistress Elena Lisbon

I do not offer sessions less then 1 hour. This is minimum time we need for you to feel the taste of my domination style. I recommend 2 hours.

  • 1 hour: 150EUR
  • 1,5 hours: 225EUR
  • 2 hours: 300EUR
  • each next hour after 2: 100EUR
  • invite a baby domme(s): +50% tribute (per one baby domme, can be 1-2)
  • companionship (restaurant, theatre, drinks, social etc.): 100EUR per hour (not relates to the first introduction dinner)
  • cage imprisonment (no action, me staying in another room): 75Euro per hour (can be a discount depending on a session/length, to be discussed).

The booking deposit is 100Euro (75Euro in case of 1hour session), it is not refundable in case you decide to cancel the session after my planning started. But you can use it to reschedule the session (once) for another day.


Two options are possible for sessions in other cities and countries:

“Fly Me To You”: I travel to you to another city or country by your personal request. All travel and accommodation costs are covered by you, plus 50EUR surcharge for each hour of travel. Minimum booking for a session is 3hours.

“On Tour”:  If I go to your city on specific dates, you can reserve your time to spend with me within those dates. In this case my tribute rates are the same when travelling within Portugal; and higher if I tour abroad.

1 hour: 200EUR
1,5 hours: 300EUR
2 hours: 400EUR
each next hour after 2: 150EUR
companionship (theatre, drinks, social etc.): 100EUR per hour
chastity key-holding: 50EUR per week

I also offer free dining out (lunches & dinners when you only pay for our meals). Follow my social pages and subscribe to my newsletter to know if I plan to visit your city in the near future.

More info about my domination sessions in Porto >>

Online Domination

If you don’t have an opportunity to travel, you still can feel the taste of my domination by online interactions with me. Read more here >>

Mentoring & Consulting

I teach, mentor and consult women and couples on female domination practices. Read more here >>

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