My pets will say more about my sessions than I could say about myself. All photos are from sessions with respective submissives who agreed with publishing.

Session with Mistress Elena

“Seeing that you are such a special woman, independent, with strong ideas, entrepreneurial, extremely beautiful, smart, funny, sweet and at the same time seeing your Dominant side has been really special. I did not meet a woman like you before, and truly I did not feel such a strong connection in a first session ever. Seeing you enjoying, smiling and playing with me with that joy face… made sense to the fact of being submissive. You made me feel that I can be complete and fulfilled under your control, under your feet and hands, you make BDSM to make sense again in my life.” Sub N.

Session with Lisbon Dominatrix

“I’m still dreaming about last night. I truly hope I did good as your sub, and made you enjoy it… You are a real Domme, you enjoy what you do and it separates you from 90% of other dominas. You are polished, refined and elegante. I don’t know  a Dominatrix in Portugal like that”. Sub M.

Femdom Session Lisbon, Portugal

“The feeling is I have is that you are very caring and sweet. At first I couldn’t explain how am I feeling like this considering that it had a lot of pain involved, but I guess that the pain is also a kind of affection. You hurt so good… There are a lot of aspects that I really enjoy about you… I feel very lucky to have met you”. Sub P.

Femdom Lisboa Portugal

“…You understood perfectly what I like. Not interested by a hard session but a mix between games and sensuality. You managed perfectly… I discovered how your voice is important and efficient to guide me during all the cession. You can not imagine how it is powerful into my mind. First time for me discover this kind of emotion from a Mistress. Your voice is really bewitching… You are not only a Mistress but an interesting woman, smart, attractive and seductive. You have a huge power into men. I’m one of them!”. Sub K.

Spanking strict teacher dominatrix

“Thank you for such a wonderful and memorable session. It was our first session but having met you previously for the introductory meeting I felt at ease. We had agreed on a headmistress/schoolboy roleplay… Seeing you in your role took me completely aback. Unlike the sweet lady I had met earlier, you were a supremely authoritative headmistress, with a stature in your heels that exuded dominance and control. There was no doubt as to who was in charge! To stir up my emotions further, you looked so attractive in your simple white blouse and black skirt.  You perceptively read all my physical cues, and dispensed strict discipline that pushed my limits but, just as requested, was never excessive, while gently rubbing and stroking me to encourage me to take my punishments and look forward to further discipline. This was all played out within a lively dialogue which really enhanced the role play. It was also clear to me that you had taken much time and care in preparing for your role. Overall the session was a deeply satisfying and both an emotionally and physically charged experience that I will not soon forget…”. Sub N.

pet play bdsm

“Let me tell you again what an amazing session it was for me and you really looked wonderful as a mistress. I really enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you very much for this and looking forward to surrender to you again in the future…”. Sub K.

Lisboa BDSM Masmorra

Mistress Elena, i can give five stars for the session yesterday. i very much like to be “back home” after so many months and experience submission feelings and the power exchange under Your wise and skillful expression and guidance… Here is a testimonial, if You want to put it on Your site: Mistress Elena is a very bright, and fascinating personality. During the session She perfectly personified the unique blend of cruelty and kindness i’m so fond of. After so many months since my last session, i was far too ambitious in expressing my wants but Mistress Elena wisely managed to keep things in balance for my own good while creating a new, unique and very satisfying experience, rising “classic” domination to new heights.”. Sub T.

Session Pro Domme Dominatrix

“The experience was very enjoyable… I felt safe at all times and I never felt the need to use the safe word.  I was for sure scared at times… The pain was  fine! It was just at the start that I was really nervous about the pain but it wasn’t bad at all. The last part where you had me tied up and I got hard, that was probably the moment I was most into it…”. Sub C.

“I feel I found the perfect person I was looking to fulfill my dreams concerning domination play. You mix very well the strictness of a Domme with some sweetness and sexiness, and that was very stimulating for me…” Sub F.

“Thank you for the session, your professionalism and creativity. The deepest aspect of the journey for me was the flogging – I could very much feel my body releasing and letting go… Loved the whole thing!” Sub D.

“First of all, the whole week leading up to our session, starting with my application and your reply, our dinner and the task on videos was a beautyful, exciting and unforgettable journey. And I could not have found a better Mistress to have my first ever session with. Throughout these days I always felt understood and comfortable with my decision to finally apply for my first domination session after so many years of suppressing my desires… Overall, I really enjoyed my first session and can’t wait for the next. I am deeply under your spell and proud to be your obedient slave from now on. I hope I have been a good slave bringing you the same enjoyment while playing with me.” Sub P.

Some screenshots of the feedback (I publish them regularly on my Instagram)

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