Double & Triple Domme Sessions

Feel the female domination multiplied!

I offer sessions couples with other dommes (2 or 3), both baby dommes (dominatrices in training) or another very experienced dominatrix. This is for real connoisseurs, those who want to feel female domination multiplied! With a kink of public erotic humiliation, femdom gang bang, being a servant to several dommes, being a slut abused by several women at the same time: options are endless! 

Double Domme Sessions in Lisbon

Sessions with Baby Dommes

Being an acknowledged BDSM-educator, I regularly train and mentor women to be dominatrices. Two of them are my regular mentees who I regularly invite to sessions with clients.

  • Sessions can be done with participation of 1 or 2 baby dommes (dommes in training);
  • Both dommes are Portugueses speaking perfect English, so both languages can be used;
  • Their style is similar to mine: elegant, but also mean & cruel at times.
  • Both dommes are in their twenties, young, slim & beautiful.
  • Hard limits are the same as mine (check here).

Note that noone, neither me nor my domme partners offer sexual services. We offer a classic domination double & triple domme session.

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