Feminization, Sissification, Crossdressing

Feminization (sissification) play may include very different aspects, and my approach to this kink may be very different!

First of all, during our initial negotiation I identify the main target emotions of a client, why you find feminization attractive?  Do you want to feel humiliated this way? Or maybe sexy, slutty & attractive? Or maybe it’s just an element of power exchange, when I control everything about you, even your gender?

I  also discuss what degree of transformation is acceptable – just some female items (for example, panties, stockings, lingerie), or full transformation (with make-up, a wig, different items of clothing & footwear)?

I address each client absolutely in a different, unique way, & choose activities that would work most effectively specifically for you.

I love to play with this kink, I have a huge collection of male sized clothing, lingerie, stockings, footwear of different size. I know how to combine it with such practices as anal play, chastity, bondage etc.

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