Foot, Shoes, Boot & Pantyhose Fetish

Working with fetishes (first of all foot fetish) is not that easy as some inexperienced dommes think. I’m sure if you read this, you are probably a fetishist yourself, and maybe even tried some sessions already. How it usually happens – a domme just gives you a bare foot and tells you “Lick it” or “Kiss it”, making you do the same and the same boring act for a long time. You are not satisfied, bored, thinking what you are doing here…

Foot Fetish MistressMy approach is different.

First I learn everything I can about what excites you. Maybe you are attracted by beautiful, silky, clean feet with nicely done pedicure? Or you are excited by dirty feet, sweaty & smelly. Are you into being humiliated by feet worship, being kicked by them? Or the reverse, it’s just about worship, being teased, being excited, never being degraded?

If you have a boot or shoe fetish, are you mostly excited by shiny leather or matte leather? Stiletto heel or a platform? Maybe sandals, or flat shoes? Clean or dirty?

Maybe you are also excited by nylon stockings/pantyhose, and strive to be touched all over by the tip of my feet in this beatiful, tansparent fabric, making you hard and horny for hours?

As you see, fetishes can have so many different twists & tints!

And I never do the same thing for all. Owning a huge collection of footwear, I know how to play around this kink! I know how to make your love to dirty feet/footwear safe. How to make you excited from the first moment of our encounter and build up your excitement, in the way that you are unable to hold and get the best, strongest orgasm in the end?

I will tease you, not allowing to touch to the object of your admiration for a some time, make your desire grow, play with you, control you by means of this little secret that you never shared with anyone.

I am the best professional you can ever find in Portugal, and your kink will be realized safely and perfectly, just like in your fantasy that you have had for so long!







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