Impact Play (Flogging, Whipping)

Impact play is all about hitting you with a hand or some implement: paddles, crops, floggers, whips. What is important in this type of a play is to remember that domination is not equal to pain! So many times I saw inexperienced dommes were hitting subs like crazy, thinking that’s the meaning of femdom, while it is not!

I use impact play far not only to evoke pain! I also use it for discipline, for humiliation, even for bringing you into a hypnotic, meditative state with the use of rythmic hits of soft leather floggers. And of course if you are into masochism, I know how to hit safely & with minimum marks.

I own a huge collection of impact play devices, including expensive genuine leather floggers & whips. I have invested a lot of time in training flogging & whipping techniques, and my clients sometimes are super surprised, how after intense scenes of whipping they do not have a single mark on their skin a day after! Huge bruises, marks & blood after impact play scenes is usually a sign of an inexperienced domme! BUT if you want those marks – oh yes, I will leave them 🙂

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