Medical Play

Medical Fetish Kink BDSM LisbonWhy medical scenes are so popular? Because in real life when a doctor is telling a patient to do something, the patient is always doing as told! So your Nurse will always be your Dominatrix. The D/S structure is automatic, though of course always going on within your limits.

Medical fetish sessions may be very different, and may include or not include invasive procedures.

  • Medical role play may include health check-up, body examination (including anal prostate & scrotal check-up), measuring your blood pressure, temperature, throat check, eye sight etc.
  • Medical treatment may include using special equipment: violet wand, electrostimulation (TENS-unit), nipple & scrotum stretchers, wartenberg wheels, penis pumps etc.
  • Breath & Latex play is often combined with medical play, especially when a gas mask is used.
  • Prostate check-up & stimulation is the classic scene within a medical play!
  • Sounding to check & spread your urethra is a simple invasibe procedure, though the one that requires special equipment, sterilization & nurse skills. Can be combined with vibrators & electrostimulation!
  • Needle play is something more scary than painful!

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