Bondage & Predicaments

My sessions include a lof of different activities, but I often use bondage in different degree (from very light to very heavy), of course negotiated with clients. You can also see a lot of photos here from real sessions, just to underline, all those photos were taken and posted here with the consent of my clients!

Bondage allows me to intensify the feeling of helplessness, being controlled, unable to do anyting without my order.

Predicaments (uncomfortable positions, loaded with different sensations) is one of my favourite things to do. A predicament is not always painful, but gives so many different sensations that it’s very easy for me to bring a person into a subspace, which is my main session goal.

Bondage & predicaments are often accompanied with sensorial play (electrostimulation, wax play), as well as CBT, nipple play, impact play etc. Very often things on my photos look more harsh that they really are! The main purpose is not to create pain, but rather overload your brain with sensations.

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