Events in the Dungeon

There will be 2 events in the next month in my Dungeon. For participation & more details contact me by e-mail

  1. “Amuse-Bouche” Femdom Lab by Mistress Elena
    8 May, 4pm

What is an “Amuse-Bouche”? It’s an event with light snacks offered before dinner. We will turn it into a Femdom lab at after-lunch time on Sundays, when dommes of all level of experience will meet to chat, share knowledge & tips, try things on selected slaves, and just have fun together!

The main purpose is to offer a space for female dominants to share knowledge & experiment on slaves in an informal manner (rules and protocol will still strictly apply to slaves!) Mistress Elena will not offer special femdom training but there will be a lot of possibilities to try new toys or furniture in her dungeon, as well as get some advice from her.

There is no special dress code nor special requirements for dommes to join (though we encourage to wear elegant and/or fetish clothes). The number of participants will be limited to 8 dommes and 5 slaves. Bring your snacks & toys!

2. Flogging Workshop by Mistress Elena
22 May, 3pm

“I have mastered flogging techniques during the last 2 years, and now I am ready to share this knowledge with the community.

My main style has developed based on 2 things:

  • How to use floggers/double floggers in a way that does not require huge physical power;
  • How to do flogging/whipping in a way that does not leave marks.

Participants of any gender or level of experience can participate. However, it will be especially useful for female dominants that want to learn a meditative flogging with a gradual build-up intensity approach aimed at D/S dynamics, more than on inflicting maximum pain.

You are encouraged to bring your own flogger(s), we have 3 practice floggers in the dungeon if you don’t have your own.

What are we going to talk about?

  1. How to choose an impact play device, types of impact play toys, length, leather quality etc. What toys you should avoid.
  2. Negotiation with a model. Empathy & how to read a model’s state. Using a safe word.
  3. Main safety rules in impact play. Zones of play, precautions, ways to avoid marks.
  4. Positions for impact play. Fixing a model.
  5. Types of hits, talking about their mechanics and result. Typical mistakes & hits to avoid.
  6. Work with double floggers.
  7. Structuring a flogging scene depending on its goal and duration.
  8. Difference between playing with a bottom and a submissive.
  9. How to end the scene, aftercare.

There is quite a lot of information, so there will be theory & demonstrations. But there will also be enough room for practice. Each hit that I will show we will practice either on a pillow or on a live model (depending on your level of technique /availability of models). You can also bring your own model to practice on.”

  • Maximum participants (without models): 8.
  • Duration: 2hours.


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